Cheese Muffins from Vila Franca do Campo

Cheese Muffins from Vila Franca do Campo



1/2 tablespoon of lard

1 dessert spoon of butter

1 egg

250g of flour

Salt use at taste

Filling and covering

6 Eggs yolks and 1 light

1 tablespoon of flour

2 l of milk

250 g of sugar

Curd use at taste

Powdered sugar (for covering) use at taste



Start by preparing the filling, browning the milk and adding the curd. The container is muffled and allowed to curdle. Remove the curd with a cloth and squeeze the whey to come out, in order to obtain a very dry paste. Knead it to become very thin. Add the yolks, the egg white, the sugar, the butter and the flour. After mixing well, it is brought to boil over a low heat.

Remove from the heat and, after cooling a little, pass through a sieve or fine sieve. It is stored in the cold. Knead the indicated ingredients with a little warm water in order to obtain a dough that can extend. Wrap it in a napkin and let it rest. With the roll and flour sprinkle the dough is extended in a thin layer. With a dough cutter, it is cut in circles with 12 cm of diameter. Then, in the centre of each circumference, place the prepared filling.

Arrange it with a toothpick, pull the dough upwards, leaning it against the filling and making it like a corrugated box. Around each cheese muffin, a 2 cm high strip of baking paper is placed, which will hold the dough (the paper is pinned). The cheese muffins are baked in a medium oven and, after baked, the surface is sprinkled with abundant powdered sugar.

This recipe is part of the book “Comer à Moda dos Açores (Eating in the Azores Way)” (Contraponto), authored by Rúben Pacheco Correia

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